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First and foremost, boat coverage packages fulfill the legal requirements that most states have for owning and operating a boat. Boat insurance packages also protect the physical structure of the boat as well as the driver of the boat and any other participants in an accident from large out-of-pocket expenses if an accident should occur while using the boat.

With few exceptions, virtually everyone who owns a boat and plans on driving it in any capacity will need to purchase boat coverage in order to fulfill legal requirements. However, even in places where this is not the case, boating insurance packages protect everyone involved in an accident. Boating insurance packages will also financially protect a boat from acts of God or damage that occurs outside of an accident.

With most boating insurance packages, payout occurs when an accident occurs. However, a boat coverage package may also payout if there is damage to a boat while it is docked as well. In most cases, there will need to be a deductible paid before the protections of the boating insurance package will kick in. The terms and conditions of the agreement will determine the size of the deductible that needs to be paid.

The many different types of coverage or boats in existence all adhere to minimum standards of the state that they are in. However, there can be an exponential amount of protection placed on top of these minimum standards depending on the needs of the boat owner. Boat coverage packages are like car insurance packages in that different protections are all organized under different listings such as collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, uninsured motorist insurance, personal injury protection and many other kinds of supplementary packages that can be purchased as well.

The overwhelming benefit of boat insurance is the fact that the driver will not have to pay a large out-of-pocket expense if an unexpected action occurs with the boat while driving it.

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