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For many individuals, a home is their largest single investment. More than that, it also provides them with shelter and protection from the elements, and it protects the majority of their belongings. Damage to a home can be disastrous for many homeowners, but coverage is available to property owners. Homeowners insurance can minimize the financial loss they may experience in the event of a number of events. Many homeowners are required to purchase this type of coverage by their lender, and all can benefit from the coverage it provides.

Home insurance typically provides financial reimbursement for expenses related to specific events. These can vary from policy to policy, but common events that are covered by many policies include fire, flooding, wind damage and more. The property owner typically is responsible for paying the deductible, and the home insurance policy will provide financial reimbursement for additional expenses the homeowner may incur as a result of a damaging event.

Some policies also provide for additional coverage. For example, some will also reimburse the homeowner for liability issues. If another person is injured on their property and sues them, liability coverage may pay for many of the related legal expenses. Personal property coverage may also be available. A standard homeowners insurance policy may cover only damages to the structure, and personal property coverage can be added to a policy to reimburse the homeowner for losses related to the belongings inside the home. Consider that a flood, a fire or other damaging events may damage the home and may impact furnishings, electronics, appliances, clothing and other items. Personal property may also be covered due to theft, vandalism and other related issues.

The cost of this type of policy may be impacted by the amount of coverage selected as well as the type of coverage selected. Some companies may provide discounts if the homeowner has multiple policies with the provider, if a home security system is installed or for various other reasons. Given the importance of protecting the investment of the home as well as its contents, this is a type of coverage that most homeowners may want or need to purchase.

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